The Bra As Outerwear – Fashion Article

There is a fashion now for a kind of ‘bra’ look where the bra is deliberately revealed. The bra is accented as an item of apparel. This can happen in specific looks where a bra is worn with a jacket, It can happen too when a dress is worn over the bra and the dress is ‘open’ to reveal the bra beneath. Thus a drapy dress is worn over a bra where the bra is almost completely shown and deliberately shown too and this is a specific look, so the bra becomes outerwear. And this kind of look can be elegant but it is clubbish too. Dresses can be designed too where a kind of bra is part of the overall dress design. For the aim is to create a kind of look, a silhouette where the ‘bra look’ is apparent.

The bra can be fully seen but there can be looks where the bra is just hinted at through straps for example. Or maybe a part of the bra is shown and this is deliberately so, of course. The bra look can inspire certain edgy, club looks. As mentioned, dresses can be designed for example where bra is sewn into/ connected to the rest of the dress and then a kind of ‘bra dress’ is created. This kind of design is already there but it can be made more edgy, sophisticated.

Then there is the bra worn with the jacket, the skirt, the jeans, the high trousers. Maybe one can wear a distinct bolero jacket and then ‘separate trousers. The aim is to create an edgy look and of course this edgy look is nothing new and is possibly around since at least the 60s when the bra became an obvious piece of fashion. (For example, the hippy looks could use the bra) So the bra becomes outerwear and then the bra look can inspire dresses and other designs, looks as said.

The bra moves from ‘support’ wear to outerwear. It has always been part of lingerie and there is a specific club look which embraces the lingerie look so the bra as outerwear is not really totally new. It is just that the ‘bra’ look can gain some sophistication and the ‘bra’ can influence other types of looks.
There must be a ‘full’ look. The bra is combined, for example with jacket and pencil skirt. One can have dresses too where the bra stands out; the bra is joined into the dress. Use of mesh and contrast colors create that edgy sophisticated club feel.

The aim is to create a silhouette, a sleek silhouette. The bra with high skirt/trousers is akin to the look where a corset-type top is worn with jeans/skirt/trousers.

The club look is edgy; It can be sophisticated; It is obviously sexy and the ‘bra look’ can be naturally part of this look. Drapy sexy club dresses are deliberately open to capture the bra or let the bra be seen. The aim is to have a natural look. One can have the look such that it is ‘natural’ to wear a bra with jacket/skirt. It is natural to have a bra combined with a mesh covering for abdomen or a covering leading to the throat area. Thus ‘a choker’ look is created. Aim to create a hippy, club look because there is something ‘natural’ about these looks. For at night, in clubs, at music festivals, anything can go.

The bra shape is seen in the corset, bustier and many dress designs. The shape is nothing new ie the cup shape but the bra look is something else, it is something edgy, an edgier look. It is natural to get the bra itself into fashion, to move it into outwear but this is difficult and thus bras have to be designed for outerwear and this has certainly been done as it is seen that a lingerie look becomes a club look.